Being Marist in "The Real World" - Chapter 19

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Chapter 19: 25 MORE Tips for High Schoolers (Everyone)

Dear Reader,

Sorry. I had no other ideas. Chapter 14 will do you a huge solid if you want some context on this chapter, but if you are too "Lucien, look: I don't care enough, I'm just skimming through this page just to say I read your stupid blog" right now, BASICALLY I delved into my notes app a couple weeks back & found something I wrote entitled "100 Things I Learned in High School". But, since this blog is tailored to everyone, I revised a little so the tips can apply to everyone. Also, because I know you have a life, I did it in parts. With that said, here's my attempt to change your life yet again:

26. Realistically speaking, you see your school more than your home throughout the day. Better make some friends to feel "at home". (self-explanatory)

27. Get involved in as much as you can, but don't spread yourself too thin.

28. Yes, it's okay to be passionate about your grades. No, it's not okay to whine about your "85" when some people got a "43". (actually, disregard this one. Everything you feel is valid and don't let a "Kim, there are people that are dying" stop you from feeling your feelings.)

29. Try your best. If you don't get it, you don't get it.

30. It's okay to ask for help. (PERIOD'T)

31. Bring your own lunch. Trust me on that. The line is RIDICULOUS. (always keep snacks in your car. TRUST ME!)

32. Dating in high school isn't a necessity. (You don't need a boy/girlfriend to be happy.)

33. Upperclassmen know what they're doing and saying. Remember that. Don't fall for the "I didn't know" crap. They knew. (CALL PEOPLE OUT ON THEIR BS SO THEY CAN LEARN!)

34. Don't get romantically involved with upperclassmen. Just don't. (or'll only be hurting yourself when they leave.)

35. High school isn't the place to hit milestones. It's not a "must" to do anything. (Take your time. Don't be sad if you're on Chapter 1 and people around you finished the book already.)

36. Your teachers and faculty know the ropes. They're not dumb. (SEEK WISDOM/ADVICE)

37. Don't feel obligated to be anybody you're not to impress people. (PERIOD'T)

38. On God, you're not too cool for school events (or anything). Just go if you can.

39. Participate. Things get canceled sometimes because people don't sign up. Participate. 40. There's no such thing as "Frosh Friday". Seniors aren't monsters...okay, not all of us. (Scratch that. The world is an awful place, so be kind to one another so we don't have to label the world "an awful place".)

41. Support your school. I don't care how much you hate going. Support it. (SUPPORT YOUR FAMILY. SUPPORT YOUR FRIENDS. SUPPORT YOUR LOVED ONES. SUPPORT YOURSELF.)

42. Sophomore year is still classified as underclassmen. Don't get bold. (BE'UMBLE. SI'DDOWN!)

43. Freshman year is not the time to be invested in drama. That's what sophomore year is for. (lol wait, why is this facts?!?!)

44. It only gets harder as the years progress.

45. Nothing is handed to you after freshman year. You got to work for it now. That's with everything. They spoiled y'all rotten. (God spoils those who work for his blessings.)

46. The reason why sophomore is so different from freshman year is because now you all know each other & your capabilities. Drama will unfold. It happens. You're growing. (Wow, I swore I had all the answers.)

47. Losing a friend is harder than losing a boyfriend or girlfriend. Be prepared. (PERIOD'T)

48. Don't be someone's reason to not want to go to school (or wake up).

49. Nothing is more important than your schoolwork (mental health).

50. It (life) goes by quick. Really. I've learned from personal experience.

Sincerely Yours Sometimes,


PS: SONG OF THE WEEK: Mark Ronson featuring Miley Cyrus - Nothing Breaks Like a Heart

(Every time I post, I will include a song that may or may not correlate with the topic I write about. This is me thanking you for reading my posts by gifting you with good music.)

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