Being Marist in "The Real World" - Chapter 20

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Chapter 20: 50 Final Tips for High Schoolers (Everyone)

Dear Reader,

For context & past tips, go click to read PART 1 & PART 2. Let's end this already!

51. Let people know when it's your birthday. It's fun when people are involved. (tell people what matters to you)

52. Do nice things for your fellow classmates and faculty. Its cool. It helps. (do/be good)

53. Answers don't come easy for anything. You got to do things the hard way. (nothing worth it comes easy.)

54. Sites like Quizlet, SparkNotes, etc. are lit & all, but when you REALLY need them, they won't be there. Know your material. (being mediocre is NOT an option)

55. Talk to your parents/siblings/family members about what is going on in school (life).

56. Instant gratification is nice, but always consider the consequences of what you do.

57. Don't aggravate or upset your teachers (people in general). Damn it, they are people too.

58. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WALK on the right side of the hallway. WALK. The hallway is a road. You are the car. Its not rocket science. (I actually don't know how to make this one relate to regular life...whoops.)

59. Don't disturb the people in the hallway by causing a ruckus. I'm serious. (be respectful)

60. Try your BEST to use the bathroom at home. I'm not even joking. But if you gotta use the bathroom in school....FLUSH!

61. Don't stick gum under anything. Believe it or not, people are disgusted by that.

62. Don't take advantage of people in any case. From minor things like taking their pens and pencils to major things like peoples' feelings, don't do it. (CONSENT: permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.)

63. Mind. Your. OWN. Business.

64. Don't let people know you have gum unless you love them.

65. Carry things like lotion, earphones, chargers, juice boxes, etc. in your bag. You'd be surprised, but they come in handy.

66. Don't dumb yourself down for a crush. That's dumb in itself.

67. When it's time to have fun, it's time to have fun. When it's time to work, its time to work.

68. You are allowed to put the pen down and have fun once in a while. No one will remember the one that never did anything. (justify your existence by LIVING)

69. Group projects are designated to be awful. Don't worsen it. (When collaborating with others, be consistent, responsible, responsive, productive, and respectful.)

70. Junior year is going to be a toll on you academically, emotionally, mentally, physically, etc. Good luck. (let GOD take the wheel.)

71. When arguing with classmates (people), don't bring up their family. That's forbidden.

72. People are smart in their own ways.

73. We know you're 6ft. That doesn't mean you're better than anyone else. (wow, i was angry lol)

74. We don't care if you think of yourself to be the most high. Good for you. Just don't treat people like crap.

75. It goes by quick. I'm telling you. I'm not making this up.

76. Studying (Life) should be flexible. If something doesn't work, change it.

77. Charity. Learn it, live it, love it.

78. Decorate your friends locker on their birthday. Or do something nice for them. (do nice things for's fun)

79. The nice people hardly get in trouble. Remember that. (Scratch that. It's 2018 & no one is "nice'.)

80. Learn how to get on peoples' good side.

81. Don't EVER make fun of someone with a disability. You'll be public enemy number 1.

82. Don't joke about serious things that people are passionate.

83. Roasting is normal. Just go with it. Just don't mention their family unless you want to get jumped. (learn to laugh at yourself)

84. Don't be that kid that asks their teacher to collect homework. The teacher did that on purpose and everyone else was fine with it. (DON'T BE THAT PERSON)

85. When you start driving, don't become Uber for people you hardly even know. Know who your friends are. Or the nice people who won't take advantage.

86. Laugh. People take school and life too seriously. Just laugh sometimes.

87. When people talk crap about you, STAND UP FOR YOURSELF.

88. Go to PROM. Dateless or not. Just go. You only get one (typically two, three or more if you're good looking). (GO OUT & LIVE A LITTLE)

89. Make mistakes. Thats what high school (LIFE) is for.

90. Teach the underclassmen when your time comes to be the teacher.

91. ALWAYS REMEMBER that scores don't define you. IQ tests, SATs, PSATs, ACTs, AP tests, regular tests, placement tests, etc. It doesn't matter. The number does not determine your intelligence. (the mistakes we make, the successes we attain, etc. does not matter. we are not our failures nor our successes.)

92. Try and make friends with your teachers. When you graduate, they'd love to keep contact & you may learn that they're cooler than you think.

93. Believe in yourself. Be yourself.

94. Your phone will always be there, but the moment won't.

95. Pick your friends wisely. You become a mixture of the two-five people you hang with most.

96. Don't take it too seriously to the point where you never made memories.

97. Pray.

98. Never forget who you are. People get lost in what's important way too often. But just never lose yourself.

99. Love yourself. Thats not in anyone's curriculum, but its the most important piece of advice on this list.

100. It goes by quick.

Sincerely Yours Sometimes,


PS: SONG OF THE WEEK: H.E.R. featuring Bryson Tiller - Could've Been

(Every time I post, I will include a song that may or may not correlate with the topic I write about. This is me thanking you for reading my posts by gifting you with good music.)

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