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Kentucky Mission Trip

Lay Marist Ellen (nee Salmi, RC ‘08) and her husband Josh Van Cleef have been leading Holy Cross Catholic Church in Jackson, KY an area known for its challenges of poverty and addiction.  The parish is small in number, but greatly serves the broader community through outreach, evangelization, and children’s programs. Ellen and Josh also purchased a 50-acrewooded farm and decided to turn it into a Catholic Worker Farm, focusing on prayer, retreat, and hospitality. For the past couple years they’ve been renovating the property. After much prayer, they decided to name the property Magnificat Farm, inspired by Mary’s prophetic words.


Magnificat Farm welcomes Marists wishing to serve the community, build the kingdom of God, and be transformed by grace. A group of fellow Marists helped refurbish the old barn on the property into what will soon become a house of welcome for displaced woman and children.   Another group of Marist Young Adults, Brothers and Lay Marists built a new chapel in the woods on the property of Magnificat Farm. This chapel will be dedicated to the spirit and charism of St. Marcellin Champagnat and will named the Violets Chapel, after Champagnat imagery of three violets to represent the three main characteristics of Marist Spirituality, namely Simplicity, Humility and Modesty.


Can't join us this time?  Help support our Mission Trip! 

Your donations will support:

  • $100 - supports a Bible Camp Student

  • $300 - helps us build a Chapel Pew

  • $500 - covers the cost of a Marist Young Adult Participant

  • $1000 - repairs Donated Stained Glass

  • $2500 - buys the new Chapel glass doors

  • $4000 - purchases the needed construction materials

  • $8000 - is the cost of the tempered glass windows

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