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Texas Region of the Marist Young Adults


Daniela Solis

Regional Chair 

Daniela was appointed Regional Chair of the Texas Region in January 2021! 

She graduated St Joseph Academy in Brownsville, Texas in 2019. She currently studies graphic design and psychology and working at a local restaurant!


Her favorite Marist event was the YA Kentucky Service Trip!

Her fun fact is that she loves movie marathons, specifically Harry Potter and the MCU!  


Luis Barbosa

Vice Regional Chair 

Luis was appointed Vice Regional Chair of the Texas Region in October of 2021!

He graduated St. Joseph Academy in Brownsville, Texas in 2019. He currently attends Texas State University!

His favorite Marist event was Marist Youth Gathering!

A fun fact about Luis is that he is in the process of writing a book!

I want to strengthen the feeling of family for those who have already graduated. Let them know that being Marist stays with you after high school

~ Daniela Solis

I’m very excited about the upcoming summer service events happening in El Paso and Brownsville, Texas. My goal for the region is to get more involved with the rest of the Marist communities from other states and spread the good we do throughout Texas.

~ Luis Barbosa

Texas  Young Adults In Action!

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